About Miss Lane


Hi, thanks for dropping in!  Glad to have you here. My name is Lois, “Lois Lane” otherwise known as Miss Lane.   I am a jack of all trades and master of some.  A teacher and educator, with the heart and soul of a Mother. The picture you see here is of my beautiful daughter who is following in my footsteps and become a foodie in her own right!

My passion is creating new recipes, and cooking food created with LOVE!  Children, and dogs seem to follow me wherever I go.  I am a certified Health Coach specializing in nutritional counseling. I teach folks how to  create simple healthy recipes, plan, shop and prepare weekly meals and personal chef for a few select clients.  I understand the benefits of healthy living and eating, and enjoy sharing my expertise and knowledge with folks both young and old. I grew up in New Mexico and now live in Western Colorado in one of the most beautiful places on earth. I enjoy daily walks, yoga, live music, dancing, riding my bike, creative friends and playing in the dirt.

I am an artist at heart. A wanna be writer who usually writes for herself but is taking a risk to share her voice with others; and  build my business skills whilst blogging and sharing about the benefits of delicious seasonal food and nutritional health. Thanks for joining me on my journey.

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